”Innovative wood technology in the urban area

The traditional building material timber shows also in the city what it can - in a new dress.

In a six-storey social housing with passive house standard, in retirement homes, schools, company buildings and building restorations, its unbeatable strengths, in Graz and the surroundings, are convincing.

Innovative companies from the woody Styrian region are taking a pioneering role internationally and export prefabricated solid wood products to all over the world.

During an extended tour, we show you a wide range of buildings and bridges of wood, and, if desired, we may visit the manufacturers of these new timber products.


Program options:

Communal social housing A six-storey timber construction with passive house standard - sps÷architekten (2016)

School campus Algersdorf New ways of learning in a “cluster school” – Architekt Mesnaritsch (2016)

Housing center Reininghaus South Multi-storey urban villas in an energetic cluster - Nussmüller Architekten (2015)

Nursing home Peter Rosegger Generation four in nursing home buildings- Wissounig Architekten (2014)

School extension Brockmanngasse – Balloon (2015)

Day care center Schönbrunngasse – Strobl Architekten (2010)

Primary school Mariagrün School extension in green - Kalb & Berktold (2014)


Extended program in the woody Styrian region:

Student residence University Leoben Passive house for 200 students - aap.Architekten (2016)

Skywalk Zeltweg – Exceptional: wood on a railway station - Hohensinn Architektur (2013)

Pedestrian- and cycle bridge Murau Spacial construction in massive timber adapted on the topography - Meili und Conzett (1995)

Bar-Cafè Open Space A cantilevered hybrid construction on old town walls - Steinbacher-Thierrichter (2006)

Wennerbridge First heavy load bridge made of timber - Pischl, Schickhofer (1993)

Pedestrian- and cycle bridge Stadl an der Mur Elegant arch bridge -Team Holz (1995)


Tour angeboten als:

Half-day tour:  4.0 hours
Extended tour: 7.0 – 8.0 hours (with lunch-break)


We recommend this tour by public transport, by bicycle (within the city) or with a rented bus.