On the way to Ljubljana

Slovenia's architecture pearls from north to south

For Graz lovers and Ljubljana explorers! 180 km southwards with worthwhile side trips. Promised!

The first stop could be in the puppet theater in Maribor. Next to the wine tasting in the Zlati Grič wine estate, that has been gently integrated in the hill to save the natural landscape.

After that we will travel deeper into the Slovenian countryside in the village Vitanje, which became famous when the Cultural center KSEVT landed there like an UFO, planned as a joint work of the four most important Slovenian architectural offices. Its history of creation could fill a book and you will be told on the way to the Tree house in the local forest of Celje.

Afterwards, a short stop in the small Farewell chapel in Krašnja, before plunging into the rich life of Ljubljana - fit after a short visit to the Sports hall Stozice (Sadar + Vuga).

A long evening could start at the restaurant Valva's or (AKSL Arhitekti).


Program options:

Puppet theater Maribor – A mobile wall with the technical equipment, in order to produce different intimate atmospheres of the puppet theater. With the maximum respect for the monumental baroque structure of a former monastery - Jurij Kobe, Rok Znidaršič (2010)

Wine estate Zlati Grič Skalce - Kemr Skulj (2009 )

Cultural center KSEVT Vitanje – Bevk Perovič, Decleva Gregorič, Ofis arhitekti, Sadar+Vuga (2012)

Tree house look-out Celje - Ostan Pavlin (2016)

Farewell chapel Krašnja - Ofis arhitekti (2009)

Public Library Grosuplje – A.Biro (2007)

Sports park Stožice Ljubljana - A project from the good prosperous days (1997), realized until 2011 – Sadar+Vuga


Tour angeboten als:

Full-day tour: 7.0 – 8.0 hours (with lunch-break, e.g. wine tasting)

This tour can be combined well with the tour “Wine and architecture “ in the south of Graz or with another day trip to the northwest of Slovenia (Kranj, Brezje, Bled, Jesenice).

It is only possible with a rented bus, which we will gladly organize.